Chain Agnostic P2P Value Exchange Protocol

The Air Protocol is a decentralized, open source protocol that enables censorship-resistant and trust-minimized on-chain to off-chain asset exchange.

Application Layer

Front end apps or services that leverage Air Protocols capabilities

Air Protocol (Nitrogen)

Base infrastructure for secure communication and protocol logic

Blockchain Layer

Interfaces to multiple blockchains enabling support of native assets with the Air Protocol

P2P network for P2P markets

Decentralized infrastructure for decentralized business models.

General market mechanics

Abstraction of basic market mechanics enable the protocol to be implmented for a broad spectrum of use cases.

Dispute resolution mechanics

Cuztomisable dispute resolution interfaze to allow platforms and users to choose the system best suited to their needs.

Open Source

The protocol is fullly open source to provide transparency as well as allow anyone to use however they want.

Secure & unstoppable

Robust and decentralized infrastructure for applications to ensure unstoppable and cencorship resistant operation.

Liquidity aggregation and Collaboration

Platforms can leverage the air protocol to get faster transactions and expand their reach by sharing transactions and market with other platforms on the network.

Blockchain agnostic

The protocol is built as it's own independent decentralized infrastructure to enable secure data sharing and while enabling implmentations of pratcically any chain allowing for native support of multiple assets secured on their respective chains, while buisness logic and messages are handled by the air protocol network.

Blockchain Integrations







Air Cases

Some of the use cases that can be addressed with air protocol:

Fiat on / off ramps

Easy creation of worldwide on/ off ramps through the creation of unstoppable fiat/crypto exchanges.

Global e-commerce

Empower local and digital commerce through enablement of payment methods with any digital asset of local currency.

Wealth preservation

Enable access to better financial services and assets that can help people preserve and grow their wealth.

Global remittance

Fast and low cost transactions powered by digital assets interantionally and aided by on/off ramps allow for cheap and efficient remittances.

See Air Protocol in action


Send remittances to and from anywhere in the world. Skylo works as an intermediary between users who want to send and receive remittances and crypto traders.

Local KSM will enable access to the around the world by enabling people to freely buy and sell their KSM with their preferred payment methods


P2P app to exchange on-chain and off-chain assets.